Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Mihaela is a friend of a friend I went to high school with. When my highschool friend posted on Facebook that Mihaela is looking for someone to stay with while attending SF conventions and meetings in Australia, without thinking, I offered my hospitality.

After arranging everything, in the days before Mihaela’s arrival I got nervous. What
have I done?! Have I lost my mind?! I invited a complete stranger to stay with
me! What if I don’t like her? Am I in for 10 awkward days?

Mihaela’s plane landed in Melbourne at 11.45PM. We met at the airport, got in the
car and once we started talking, we did not stop. The whole time she was here, I felt the time was running out too fast and we had soooo much to talk about. On the first day in town, we walked past Flinders St Station and I forgot to point it out while Mihaela failed to notice it entirely - we were that immersed into our conversation!

I had an amazing ten days. I made a great friend, I feel like we have known each other for ever. Through her I met some beautiful and interesting people and I learned and experienced new and amazing things.
Once again, it was proven to me that acting on one's instincts is the right
thing to do. Offering a little bit of yourself always goes a long way.

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