Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Mihaela is a friend of a friend I went to high school with. When my highschool friend posted on Facebook that Mihaela is looking for someone to stay with while attending SF conventions and meetings in Australia, without thinking, I offered my hospitality.

After arranging everything, in the days before Mihaela’s arrival I got nervous. What
have I done?! Have I lost my mind?! I invited a complete stranger to stay with
me! What if I don’t like her? Am I in for 10 awkward days?

Mihaela’s plane landed in Melbourne at 11.45PM. We met at the airport, got in the
car and once we started talking, we did not stop. The whole time she was here, I felt the time was running out too fast and we had soooo much to talk about. On the first day in town, we walked past Flinders St Station and I forgot to point it out while Mihaela failed to notice it entirely - we were that immersed into our conversation!

I had an amazing ten days. I made a great friend, I feel like we have known each other for ever. Through her I met some beautiful and interesting people and I learned and experienced new and amazing things.
Once again, it was proven to me that acting on one's instincts is the right
thing to do. Offering a little bit of yourself always goes a long way.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Red Hill Market on Saturday was great. The beautiful, warm day drew a lot of people to the market. I was in a shady spot under a beautiful tree. The day just came alive with colours.

Colours inspire me. I also find inspiration in nature and today’s market spot seemed to combine the two. As I was contemplating this, a lady came to look at my work. She went around my stall, smiled and then suddenly turned around and said: “Because of you I will take up crochet again. I have not done it for 30 years!”

For a moment, I was speechless. Because of me? Omg, I actually inspired somebody! I love that feeling - I think this is the highest praise I ever got. I made a change in someone's life. I was so happy. For the rest of the day I thought about this lady, hoping that taking up crocheting again would mean to her what it meant to me.

I was in the rat race, in the vicious cycle of working 50-60 hours a week, constantly dealing with new problems which needed my attention “immediately”, "urgently" and "without delay"… I had forgotten how satisfying creating beautiful things was.

My job had made me unable to relax or to see colour around me. Designing and creating calms me. And it gives me great satisfaction and pride once I look at the finished product. Taking up crochet

again has truly changed my life! I love doing it and having a finished product at the end of it is even better!

I thought that is as good as it gets. However to hear that my work has touched and inspired someone else, to hear that they will allow creativity back into their life is extremely cool! Their life will be better for it. And that is as good as it gets!


Friday, 5 April 2013

Red Hill Market

I have been in love with handcraft forever; my auntie taught me to crochet when I was a little girl back in Croatia. It was tradition. As I grew older, I abandoned this outlet for my creativity to pursue my carrier.
For a long time I did not create anything. And then the making of things came back into my life. It's been almost a year now since I've turned this creative pleasure into a business and about four months I've been coming to markets.
Although I was very nervous the first time I did it (and I did not do half as well as I had hoped I would!), now I am totally in love with the concept. Markets are so much fun and I have met so many beautiful people!

The feedback you get at a market is priceless. You can’t get it over the internet or from your friends. People's eyes sparkle when they see something they like, their lips curl ever so slightly in politely hidden displeasure when they are looking at something they dislike. I love that!
Of course, I especially love positive feedback on my own work. I have been to Made in Thornbury Craft Market, Mornington Racecourse Market and Makers Market at Abbotsford Convent and they all delighted me.  

Customers and stall holders are very friendly. One of the interesting things they told me is: it gets even better as you keep coming back. People remember you and your work, even if it doesn’t seem like that to you. Needless to say, I didn’t believe it until I saw it for myself.

Last weekend before Easter I was at Flemington Craft Market, it was my second time there. It was really awesome! People DID remember! Both me and the things I create! I was overjoyed! 

So, I‘m especially looking forward to this Saturday: I will be at the Red Hill Market organized by Craft Markets Australia. And it will be my second time there! Can't wait.